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Marchesi di Barolo Cannubi Barolo

  • Wijnsoort: Rode Wijn
  • Land: Italie
  • Streek: Noord-Italie
  • Plaats: Piemonte
  • Wijnhuis: Marchesi di Barolo
  • Jaar: 2016
  • Alcoholpercentage: 14,5%
  • Inhoud: 0.75
  • Druivensoort(en): Nebbiolo
  • Geur & Smaak: Intense geur met vleugjes rozen, vanille, drop, kruiden en geroosterde eik. Granaatrode kleur en een volle en elegante smaak.
  • Spijs: Door de mooie structuur is deze wijn heerlijk bij rood en gestoofd vlees.
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Marchesi di Barolo Cannubi Barolo, Piëmonte, Italië (92 PP / 94 JS)

Uit het Zuid-Oosten van Italië, afkomstig van de lange heuvel Cannubi.  
Cannubi is a long hill with a gradual slope lying in the heart of the Barolo area. Here the Helvetian and the Tortonian soils blend together and originate gray-blue marls rich in magnesium and manganese carbonate that, on the surface, thanks to the air and the weathering, turn into grey-white marls: they are made of a combination of sand, lime, calcareous and clay (marls of Sant’Agata fossils). Surrounded by higher hills, Cannubi hill is protected from storms and extreme wind and it benefits from a unusual and unique microclimate. The characteristics of the soil and the extraordinary microclimate give Cannubi an exceptional completeness and equilibrium, a harmonic synthesis between structure and aromas and very elegant tannins which make it enjoyable very early and add complexity as the wine matures. The vineyards, East / south-East exposed, are mapped on the sheet N.7 of the community of Barolo, lots 44, 170, 219, 231, 235, 242.

The grapes, freshly picked, arrives in the cellar integrates and is rapidly pressed and gently destalked to extract from the peel and the outer area of the grape only the most noble and aromatic fractions. Fermentation, at a controlled temperature, takes place in thermo-conditioned tanks. Maceration of the skins lasts 10 days, during which the fermenting juice is regularly recycled from the bottom to the top of the tank in order to integrate the tannins softly and extract the color slowly. Once the fermentation is finished the natural sugars of the grape are totally converted into alcohol. Then wine is racked into cement tanks that are lined in fiberglass and insulated by cork where it will rest at the post fermentation temperature of about 22° degrees C. (72° F.). This temperature prompts a natural process called Malolactic fermentation that changes the Hard Malic acid into a softer Lactic acid, this process will last about two months. The Wine is aged for two years, a part in Slavonian oak barrels (30 or 35 hectoliters / 789-947 U.S. gallons) and the other part in small French oak barrels (225 liters) that are moderately toasted. The vineyard finds again its unity by assembling the wine in the traditional big oak barrels and ends the fining in the bottle for 12 months, before going into the market. The Barolo Cannubi reaches its maturity after 6 years from the harvest and can be enjoyed throughout its life between 6 and 25 years.



Geur & Smaak
Intense geur met vleugjes rozen, vanille, drop, kruiden en geroosterde eik. Granaatrode kleur en een volle en elegante smaak.  
Garnet-red in color with ruby reflections. Intense perfume with clean scent of roses, vanilla, licorice, spices and toasted oak. Gentle notes of absinth. The flavor is full and elegant, good-bodied and austere with recurring olfactory sensations. The spicy note and the hints of wood blend perfectly.

Door de mooie structuur is deze wijn heerlijk bij rood en gestoofd vlees.

Marchesi di Barolo Cannubi Barolo

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